Indiana’s Department of Insurance Says Costs for Individual Plans to Grow 72 Percent

by Sterling Beard

Indiana’s insurance department says that the state’s insurance rates will increase 72 percent for individual plans and 8 percent for small-group plans under the Affordable Care Act, the Indianapolis Star reports.

Logan Harrison, the Indiana Department of Insurance’s chief deputy commissioner, says the cost increases come mostly from the law’s mandates, which include a requirement to offer a minimum level of benefits and prevent insurers from refusing to provide insurance because of preexisting conditions.

The figures, the Star notes, do not include any subsidies that will be received by “many people” on the exchange for individuals (people who earn between 100 and 400 percent of the federal poverty level are eligible for subsidies).

Harrison said that the figures for the percent increase did not include the subsidies because Hoosiers will be paying for those increases out of their own pocket, or through increased taxes.

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