Offset Dogs Days with Kudlow Kool

by Jack Fowler

Big Larry takes to the nation’s airwaves tomorrow, as he does every Saturday, via his primo syndicated radio show — heard coast-to-coast from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern via your local station, or on the Web (go here and click on “Listen Live,” and catch the show’s archives here) — to discuss the week’s big issues with the likes of Steve Malanga, Scott Sumner, Dan Greenhaus, Brian Kelly, Representative Diane Black, James Pethokoukis, Steve Moore, and John McIntyre. Quite a crew. On their discussion docket:  

  • Is there a growth solution for Detroit bankruptcy?
  • What did Bernanke really say?
  • Is the Obamacare individual mandate about to fall?
  • The DoE study says fracking chemicals didn’t taint water, and . . .
  • Are stocks too frothy?

Frothy? Yeah, frothy! So turn on the AC and listen! An amazing show that awaits you — be there for the fun, wisdom, and your weekly dose of the Kudlow Rule (free-market capitalism is the best path to prosperity!).

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