Touré’s Admission: ‘We Will Never Know What Actually Happened’

by Rich Lowry

I was on the KCRW show “Left, Right, and Center” today, hosted by Matt Miller and with Touré and Bob Scheer. Touré made a key and very telling concession about the Zimmerman case. He said “we will never know what actually happened.” Which is the whole point: If you don’t know what happened (and this is generous to the prosecution, since the balance of evidence suggests Zimmerman was getting beaten), you can’t convict Zimmerman. You can listen to the clip with his answer here or find the entire show later this afternoon hereI kept coming back to this point again and again, and Touré could never answer it, although he talked a lot about racism and at the end basically called me a racist (his answer to everything). There were some fireworks, but the show succeeded on its own terms by bringing the right and left together: By the logic of Touré’s own reading of the facts, the jury was correct to acquit Zimmerman.



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