Krauthammer’s Take: Obama “Re-Racialized” Martin-Zimmerman Affair

by NRO Staff

Appearing on Fox News’ Special Report this evening, Charles Krauthammer expressed disappointment with the president’s surprise address this afternoon on the acquittal of George Zimmerman, calling it “a political speech addressed to his constituency on the left, which I thought was unfortunate . . . Look, I gave him and Holder credit all week for trying to de-racialize the issue. And what Obama did, I think, unfortunately, today is to reracialize it.”

The syndicated columnist also pointed out that Obama seemed to warn viewers that Attorney General Eric Holder is unlikely to bring civil-rights charges against Zimmerman for shooting Trayvon Martin:

I think the main message of the speech was what he buried, which was they are not going to continue, they’re not going to pursue a federal prosecution. He knows, Holder knows, there is no case for a hate crime. But he buried it, it was a throwaway line. And the rest — all the racial stuff, and the sympathy he expressed for all those who are upset — I think was the rhetorical fog or, if you like, a compensation, for the fact that they are not going to get the demand that you’re going to hear in the demonstrations tomorrow for a federal charge against Zimmerman. So I think it was a balancing act as a way to mitigate the fact that they are not going to pursue an unwinnable prosecution of Zimmerman.

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