Van Jones Praises Conservative Concern over Urban Crime; Black Leaders ‘May Be Too Cynical’

by Patrick Brennan

Former Obama-administration official and civil-rights activist Van Jones said he believes the recent controversy over crime and gun violence has produced “something positive, that’s not been talked about, from the right.”

“Conservatives have weighed in and said they’re very concerned about the killings in Chicago and in other urban environments,” he said.

“African-American leaders have tended to dismiss that, and say they’re just scoring political points against civil rights, they don’t mean it. I think they may be too cynical,” Jones explained.

“There may be a Jack Kemp silent majority wthat are heartbroken about the killings,” he said. “There could a Right-Left coalition to come together to try to talk about entrepreneurship, mentorship, public-private partnerships to stop these killings. That could be an outcome here.”

“We could absolutely come together over this, not come apart,” he concluded.

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