George Zimmerman Emerges from Hiding, Rescues Individual from under Overturned Truck

by Sterling Beard

In the first public sighting of George Zimmerman since the end of his trial, last week he helped to rescue an individual stuck under an overturned truck on a Florida highway, ABC is reporting.

The incident took place less than a mile from where Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman and his family have been in hiding since his acquittal last week, and say they have received ”an enormous amount of death threats.”


Breitbart and ABC are now reporting that Zimmerman did not rescue an individual, but a family of four from an overturned Ford Explorer. Zimmerman had a fire extinguisher and helped the family escape their overturned SUV. He was not a witness to the crash, which is why he was not mentioned in the police report on the accident. 

An eyewitness told Breitbart that people at the scene recognized Zimmerman and thanked him for his help. 

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