Rush Praises Liz Cheney

by Lindsey Grudnicki

“We need fifty more of you,” Rush Limbaugh told newly-announced Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney on Monday, then “we’ll be talking.”

Cheney said on Limbaugh’s radio show Monday that her 2014 bid is inspired in part by frustration that Republicans have failed to mount a real offensive against the Obama administration. The president is a “formidable communicator,” she said, but faulted Republicans for being intimidated by his ”skills and his talent” and concluding they cannot compete. Cheney praised her GOP primary challenger Mike Enzi’s eighteen years of service and emphasized that her decision to run against him is “not personal.” ”It’s about policy [and] the future” of Wyoming,” she said, but did not elaborate on her specific policy differences with Enzi. 

Limbaugh nonetheless had high praise for the GOP firebrand. “Liz Cheney might turn out to be one of [Dick Cheney’s] greatest contributions” to America, he concluded. 

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