HBO’s Newsroom Intro Features — Slams? — NR Cover

by Patrick Brennan

The second season of HBO’s The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin’s latest show, debuted two weeks ago (the third episode aired last night), and the show’s new intro, depicting scenes of a cable-news operation and New York, has an issue of NR on a desk next to a copy of the Times – before the former has a copy of the Washington Post slapped on top of it. You can decide how much deeper meaning there might be:

The show depicts a jaded Republican news host (Jeff Daniels) who’s decided his network has to “really do the news,” which apparently means offering it with heaps of smug liberal bias. The creator’s writing is strong, if not as strong as usual, but the show is so sodden with Sorkin’s liberal fantasies the first season was (almost) impossible to watch; the second season has been more of the same. At times, Sorkin’s message is so overwrought that’s it’s amusing: In the first episode of this season, there’s a scene where a producer from the self-consciously liberal news network is kept off the Romney campaign bus and told he can drive his car to the next event — a khaki-and-blazer-clad Romney volunteer sneers, “You’d better get some gas. What’s Obama got it up to now, $4.50 a gallon?” Now that’s putting the true mendacity of conservatism on display.

And it looks like the featured issue, which presumably they grabbed when filming the intro at some point last year, is the April 22, 2013 edition, which featured a picture of the Canadian tar sands on the cover for Charlie Cooke’s story on their development (“Wonderland”). But I’m open to other theories.

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