Breaking: Supreme Court Justices Are Judges

by Charles C. W. Cooke

In the Aspen Times, Bob Ward reviews a speech that Justice Scalia gave on the related topics of constitutional originalism and the role of the courts in a republic. Inadvertently, he provides a gem, spelling out something that really shouldn’t need saying:

Scalia is widely regarded as a strident conservative on the nation’s high court, and he is known to deliver his legal and political opinions in blistering language. However, the words “conservative” and “liberal,” along with the party labels Republican and Democrat, hardly appeared in Saturday’s speech. Rather, he used mostly legal terminology to discuss politically charged issues.

Gosh. Really? “Legal terminology”? You’re not saying that a judge whose job it is to interpret the law used “mostly legal terminology to discuss politically charged issues”? Whatever next! Will the president be expected to faithfully execute even the laws he doesn’t like?

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