Route Change in Rio

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

When Pope Francis arrived yesterday, that aforementioned Fiat made a wrong turn. The pope of the people was with the people, in ways unscheduled. And he was delighted.

As some watch at the security disaster with trepidation, he couldn’t have scripted it better.

When he finally made his first public remarks in his return to South America, he was tender, even asking to be let in, rather than taking over the place.

“Let me knock gently at this door, he said. “I have neither silver nor gold, but I bring with me the most precious thing given to me: Jesus Christ.”

His words harkened back to his first Sunday as pope in Rome, when he celebrated Mass at the Vatican parish Church, Santa Ana, greeted people as they left Mass, as any pastor might, and greeted people who stood in the streets on the chance their new shepherd might greet them. Afterward, in his first Angelus message, he plead with all to consider God’s mercy, something he never tires of granting. Never tire of asking for it, he said, again and again. 

Expect more humility, more invitations, more pleading. All focused on helping people know Christ in their lives.

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