Reid: Mitch McConnell ‘Tried to Make Love to the Tea Party’

by Eliana Johnson

Alluding to the imminent announcement of a primary challenger to Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid said the Senate minority leader “tried to make love to the tea party, and they didn’t like it.” McConnell has often come under attack by the tea party, and on Wednesday, Matt Bevin, a Kentucky businessman with tea-party ties, is expected to annnounce he will challenge the Senate minority leader in the state’s Republican primary. 

A senior GOP Senate aide slammed the majority leader for his remarks, telling National Review Online, “While Harry Reid’s been busy defining statesmanship down, McConnell has been patiently and aggressively waging the good fight for constitutional conservatism every day in the Senate. Cheap shots like this are the clearest proof that McConnell gives the liberals fits.”   

Reid, speaking to supporters at an event hosted by the pro-Obama group Organizing for Action, also offered assurances that Democrats would hold on to the Senate majority in the 2014 elections. “We are not going to go down easy,” he said.

The Nevada senator also thanked the crowd for supporting him in the recent battle over filibuster reform, according to the Washington Post. “They will always know that they can’t treat us like that, because I can always come back and do what I was going to do.”

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