On Getting Rescued by George Zimmerman

by Rich Lowry

In today’s Morning Jolt, Brother Geraghty describes what someone about to be rescued from a car accident by George Zimmerman must think:

“Man, I must have a terrible concussion, it looks like George Zimmerman is coming to rescue me . . . Wait, it really is him. Uh, sir? Mr. Zimmerman? I appreciate you trying to pull me from this wreckage, but honestly, if you rescue me, my whole life is going to turn into this racially charged, controversial media maelstrom, and honestly, I’d rather take my chances with the leaking gasoline around my legs . . . Honestly, there’s a 50-50 chance Al Sharpton and a bunch of Hollywood celebrities will denounce me if I say nice things about you, and Spike Lee will either tweet out my home address or the home address of somebody else, and either way this will lead to some folks rioting as if their favorite team had just won a sports championship, so . . . I’m just going to keep this shard of glass in my midsection and hope the jaws of life get here pretty soon.”

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