Rubio’s Dilemma

by Rich Lowry

Costa has a good piece today on how some conservatives in Iowa are now actively running against Marco Rubio on immigration. He’s in a tough spot. I heard him inveighing the other day against Republicans who voted to confirm Thomas Perez. He tweeted: “If just one more Republican Senator had voted against cutting off debate, we could have stopped nomination of Obama labor nominee #surrender.” Really? What’s worse: Voting for Perez or closely working with Chuck Schumer to craft a Gang of Eight bill that will have generational consequences and using every ounce of your political wherewithal to get it through the Senate? That’s going to be the implicit question about so much that Rubio does, at least for the time being. Also, it’s odd that he has suddenly fallen relatively quiet about the bill that so far is his crowning achievement as a senator. 

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