Tea Party Candidate Announces Senate Bid Against ‘Mud-Slinging Mitch’

by Katrina Trinko

Frankfort, Kentucky – Kentucky businessman Matt Bevin announced he would be running against Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell in the Kentucky Republican senate primary.

“Never before in American political history has the leader of a party lost a primary election,” Bevin acknowledged in his remarks, given in the rotunda of the Kentucky state capitol. “Never. But never before has it been so important to make that happen.”

Flanked by his wife and nine children, Bevin attacked the GOP as being “a party that is as complicit in our impending deficit crisis as the Democratic party,” according to his prepared remarks.

In a brief Q & A afterward, Bevin refused to state how much of his own money he would put into the race. He denied that he had any tax delinquency problems, and called McConnell “mud slinging Mitch” in reference to the question.

And he made it clear he intended to fight. In reference to comments made by the McConnell campaign that Bevin is a nuisance, Bevin shot back that he would be “the biggest nuisance [McConnell’s] ever seen.”

Watch Bevin attack McConnell in his announcement speech:


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