I Regret The Error

by Jonah Goldberg

This morning I was on Fox’s America’s Newsroom talking about the IRS scandal. As part of the discussion, we touched on the news that records related to the unauthorized snooping into Christine O’Donnell’s tax records have been erased, according to a Treasury report. Officials opened up her tax records when they saw reference to a lien against her in a newspaper story. I went on a bit of a tear about how this is part of wider pattern of IRS bureaucrats working to help Democrats and liberal causes. The leaking of the National Organization for Marriages donor lists. Harry Reid making an issue of Romney’s tax returns, the political intimidation of pro-life groups etc. There’s only one problem: The abuse in the O’Donnell incident was perpetrated by Delaware officials, not IRS officials. I’d read the news accounts beforehand, planned to make that distinction clear, and it just went out of my head when I got on air. It’s a very similar violation and potentially driven by the same motives, but it’s an important distinction. I always leave the studio thinking “I should [or shouldn't] have said that.” But it’s usually about one-liners or the best points to make. But this is different. I regret the error.  

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