Abedin Goes for the Power Save

by Charlotte Hays

The star of Anthony Weiner’s press conference yesterday was the sexting mayoral aspirant’s wife Huma Abedin. Abedin didn’t just stand by her man. While Carlos Danger, as he calls himself when sending lewd messages to women, cowered, Abedin took the mike and publicly forgave her husband for his transgressions, including the latest in the news. Just so you know what Ms. Abedin is publicly forgiving, Mark Steyn has linked to the relevant material.

I’d like to think a good wife would have urged Weiner to call it quits. What was clear, at least to this observer, however, is that Abedin had a mission beyond common decency: the preservation of a power couple’s political viability. The former Hillary Clinton aide had no shame. Abedin has won accolades from sympathetic Democrats and has no doubt ensured her own political future, elective or appointive, if not that of her ludicrous husband. It was a moment when one glimpsed the raw ambition of today’s New Class political culture. I say: Bring back Silda Spitzer, who merely stood in pained shame as her husband confessed his hooker habit. But shame is so yesterday. If Abedin wants to forgive her husband, that’s fine by me, though next time — and there will be a next time — I beg her to do it in private. She has given standing by your man a bad name.

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