Houston Woman Stands Her Ground, Shoots Knife-Carrying Attacker

by Charles C. W. Cooke

In this video from the weekend, you can see a woman who is approached at a gas station by a man with a knife and an umbrella defend herself with deadly force. The consensus of the news outlet and its legal analysts is that, because the man “made sexual advances,” “lunged at her with a knife,” and then struck her, she was justified in killing him. In other words, this is an example of Stand Your Ground in action.

The video shows the woman pulling a long gun of some sort from the trunk of her car when the man comes close. When he hits her, she shoots. (For the more squeamish among you, rest assured that it does not show the actual shot.) 

The woman was detained and questioned. A grand jury will decide if next steps will be taken. The television station’s legal expert, Gerald Treece, thinks it unlikely that she will be charged: Under Texas law, he said, “she can use deadly force if she reasonably believed deadly force was going to be used against her.”

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