Sanford Bolts Gym to Make Votes

by Andrew Johnson

Mark Sanford’s scheduling blunder resulted in a fashion faux pas when he had to rush from the gym in order to make last night’s House votes. Good thing he already had running shoes on.

Sanford walked into the Speaker’s Lobby outside the House chamber in a sweaty T-shirt, gym shorts, and a pair of sneakers upon hearing that votes on the Department of Defense appropriations bill had been moved up an hour, according to Roll Call. In a feeble attempt to comply with dress protocol, Sanford had to borrow an aide’s blazer to sneak onto the floor to cast votes before hovering in the lobby. Sanford nixed Florida congressman Trey Radel’s suggestion to pull his shorts lower so that they would look more like pants.

When asked if he had thought he could squeeze in a workout before the evening’s votes, Sanford responded, “I think that’s a fair assessment.”

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