Voting Rights Update

by Roger Clegg

It is now being reported that Eric Holder plans to bring voting-rights actions not only against Texas, as was announced earlier today, but against a number of other states, too. This suggests one of two things, neither of which is particularly good for the administration. If Mr. Holder thinks he can win these lawsuits by proving actual racial discrimination in these states, then this is strong evidence that there is no need to add more provisions to the Voting Rights Act, the gloom-and-doom protestations of the critics of the Supreme Court’s recent Shelby County decision (like the attorney general and President Obama) to the contrary notwithstanding. If, on the other hand, he doesn’t think he can win these lawsuits, then they are being brought as a sop to the administration’s political base, which is an irresponsible action by our nation’s top law-enforcement official. 

The good news is that I understand that NRO’s own Hans von Spakovsky will be discussing all this on PBS’s NewsHour tonight.

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