Cruz: Republicans Should Stop ‘Meaningless’ Votes and Actually Defund Obamacare

by Lindsey Grudnicki

Senator Ted Cruz has issued an appeal to conservatives across the country: Demand that their representatives in Congress defund Obamacare.

On Sean Hannity’s radio show Thursday, Cruz criticized Republicans who “want meaningless show votes” to repeal Obamacare when they could actually defund the law’s implementation. If every GOP member in the House and Senate gets on board to defund the Affordable Care Act, Cruz said, “we don’t need a single Democrat vote.”

Cruz praised Senator Mike Lee’s campaign to defund the law, saying that Lee has led the effort to “stop talking about it and do it.” And “if we don’t do it now,” he added, “Obamacare will very likely never be repealed.”

“There a lot of Democrats and folks in the media who like their Republicans timid [and] house-trained,” Cruz said, but his party should not continue to appease them and let Obamacare become a reality.

The only way that Republicans will step up to the plate, the freshman senator said, “is if the voice of the people becomes so deafening that for incumbent politicians it becomes dangerous to do the wrong thing.”

Cruz’s brand of conservatism is carving him a defined niche in the 2016 GOP field — according to the latest PPP poll, he is leading in national primary polling among those who call themselves “very conservative.”

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