Victims of Mistaken Identity Receive Zimmerman Death Threats

by Sterling Beard

In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Cinna the poet is mistaken for a conspirator in the assassination of the play’s eponymous character. He’s killed by a violent mob, even after protestations of his innocence and true identity.

Well, we’re not quite there in Florida yet, but George Zimmermann, a 78-year-old retired preacher who lives in Deland, Fla., has been receiving death threats. Some of the numbers are listed as coming from out of state, but most have apparently come from Florida. USA Today transcribed one call, which was left on Zimmermann’s answering machine the day the verdict was handed down: 

Hey [expletive], you’re the one who killed Trayvon Martin, when your [expletive) get out, you’re dead. Wherever you go, you’re dead. Wherever you’re trying to hide, you’re dead. Watch your [expletive] move. You think you’re free. You’re not. You better get ready to dig a six-foot hole, ’cause you know you’re fixing to go,”

Thankfully, Zimmermann has changed his number and has not received any death threats since July 14. However, he’s not the only person unaffiliated with Zimmerman to suffer intimidating calls and threats: That unfortunate group includes a recently released inmate who’d been assigned Zimmerman’s old cell-phone number, a lady whose number was one digit off from Zimmerman’s, and a man by the name of Jorge Zimmerman living in Rhode Island (he was accused through his Facebook page of murdering Martin).

Editor’s Note: This post has been amended since its initial posting.

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