Chris Matthews Wonders: Do Women Sext?

by Sterling Beard

“Let’s go to this gender aspect of” sexting, Chris Matthews proposed to two of his guests this evening. ”You’re both women and I’m a male. Let me ask this question, I’m wide open on this. Is this only something that only men do?” Matthews asked. “Is there any recorded in our modern technology of women doing this tweeting, naked tweeting? ‘Digital streaking,’ that’s what I call it. Does anybody of your side of the gender argument — and it is an argument — do it?”

Both of his guests, doctors Jennifer Berman and Sherry Blake, laughed in response and answered in the affirmative.

“So this isn’t a feminist issue, this is just a general problem? Okay, let me ask you this, ’cause I’m loving this — this part I’m going to love.” He asked his guests what Anthony Weiner and his wife needed to do to “kill this problem, at least so we won’t know about it ever again.”

“Therein lies the problem,” Dr. Jennifer Berman answered. “If the Internet and social media did not exist, we would not know about this! And I guarantee you, a lot of the other politicians have other issues that they’re doing in private. The problem is this man’s compulsion [and] addiction involves the Internet. So he needs to find other tools, other outlets, other ways of coping.”

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