How Not to Fight Obamacare

by Ramesh Ponnuru

If it were possible to use the “continuing resolution” that Congress will soon have to pass to keep the government funded to stop Obamacare, I’d be for it. But I think this is a strategy that cannot work and will likely inflict some damage on conservatives–and maybe the country too. I explain why in a new Bloomberg View column. My main point: While the politics of Obamacare are generally bad for Obama and the Democrats, this particular way of fighting it will play to their strengths.

One point I did not make in the column: Even if there were a way to get a continuing resolution that has no funding for Obamacare, which I don’t think there is, it’s not clear that it would stop the administration from continuing to implement the law. You’d have to have very strong legislative language to keep the administration from moving money around to get what it wanted–and I think we have now gotten a pretty good sense of how resourceful it can be, at least in this regard.

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