Weiner, Crime, the Clintons, but I repeat myself

by Mona Charen

This week on Need to Know, Jay and I welcome Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute. We note that it’s become scandalous to even mention the actual numbers of crimes committed by young black males in America – and then proceed to mention them. We reflect on New York’s success in dramatically reducing murder and other crimes and wonder whether the city council’s recent vote to ban “stop and frisk” is the first step of a retreat from success. 

We consider the Weiner saga and Jay notes that if Huma Abedin were not 1) Muslim, and 2) attractive, she would not have gotten swoons from the likes of Tina Brown. Both Clintons get a few frowns from both of us (not unusual), but Jay notes that Bill had something Weiner conspicuously lacks.

We then consider whether Holder’s gambit to convince blacks and Hispanics that he (and by extension, the Democrats) are saving them from having their voting rights abridged by Republicans will work.

We close with some thoughts about Hezbollah, Ho Chi Minh, Greek Nazis, and Mel Gibson. Join us!


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