Lew: WH ‘Outperforming Expectations’ on Deficit Reduction, ‘Reducing Health-care Costs’

by Ian Tuttle

Treasury secretary Jack Lew appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday morning, where he spent his 15-minute segment diligently evading David Gregory’s questions about the state of the national economy –or, as in the clip above, assuring Americans that all is, in fact, well because of the Obama administration’s incredible success in, believe it or not, reducing the deficit.

“We’ve seen several pieces of legislation enacted that have reduced the deficit very substantially. We are seeing the most rapid reduction of the deficit since the end of World War II when we demobilized. We’re actually outperforming expectations in terms of how quickly we’re reducing the deficit, and we’re controlling health-care costs as a result of the Affordable Care Act.”

Do we need a “grand bargain” to get the country back on the right track, asked Gregory? “We cannot cut our way to prosperity,” Lew responded, adding, “We have already done a lot of deficit reduction. . . . Just recently the IMF [International Monetary Fund] said we’re doing too much too quickly.”

Nothing to see here, folks.

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