Rangel on Weiner: ‘Have Your Fun,’ But You Won’t Be Mayor

by Andrew Johnson

New York congressman Charlie Rangel won’t go so far as to call for Anthony Weiner to drop out of the mayoral race, but he is confident that Weiner’s not going to win.

“He’s a nice guy, he’s got problems — have your fun — but he’s not going to be the mayor of my great city,” Rangel said on CNN over the weekend. “I know it, and most all New Yorkers know that.”

He explained that while New York is “a forgiving community” that “doesn’t mean we’re not sophisticated” enough to see that Weiner is not the best choice for mayor.

When asked about New York’s NAACP president calling on Weiner to step down, Rangel replied, “I’m a member of the NAACP, and I don’t ever remember going to them for political advice.”

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