MSNBC’s Hayes Compares O’Reilly to American History X Neo-Nazi

by Andrew Johnson

MSNBC host Chris Hayes took aim at his 8 p.m. rival Bill O’Reilly on Friday by likening him to the neo-Nazi protagonist in American History X.

Hayes’s comparison was predicated on the fact that, on his show earlier in the week, O’Reilly cited statistics on crime and out-of-wedlock births to limn the issues facing the black community, suggesting ways to better the situation (Hayes described the segment as a “super-racist rant“ on his show the next day).

In a scene in the 1998 movie, Edward Norton’s character, Derek Vinyard, rattled off statistics about black Americans — to justify racial superiority, not to examine the root of the problems in search of solutions, as O’Reilly did. After playing the clip, Hayes called O’Reilly’s and Vinyard’s points “old arguments”; California Democrat Barbara Lee, who was on the show, agreed with Hayes’s comparison and labeled the arguments “recycled.”

Below is the O’Reilly segment for comparison:

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