The Next Ted Cruz? Meet the Man Primarying Mitch McConnell

by Katrina Trinko

Kentucky investment manager Matt Bevin has long been Republican — and frustrated that the party isn’t conservative enough. Bevin, a father of nine (including four adopted children from Ethiopia), is a long-time Republican rebel: He voted for the conservative party candidate, not George W. Bush, in 2004 presidential election.

And Rand Paul style, he’s also sure to shake up foreign policy if elected, telling National Review, ““For some people in our party, there’s not a war they don’t love.” But while many are portraying this as a Tea Party vs. establishment race, Bevin is rejecting that depiction, saying, ““I’ve never been a member of a tea party.”

He’s up against the formidable Mitch McConnell machine, and it will be challenging for him to win. But if Bevin does, look for him to be a conservative stalwart in the Senate. Read my full profile of him here


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