Krauthammer’s Take: Obama Talking About Economy ‘As If He’s Been a Bystander’

by NRO Staff

On Fox News Monday evening, Charles Krauthammer stated that he finds it “astonishing” that President Obama is giving speeches in which “he deplores the state of the economy . . . as if he has been a bystander” during the downward spiral.

The president’s latest round of speeches sound “like he has been out of the country for five years,” Krauthammer remarked, even though the policies his administration have put into place have resulted in ”the worst recovery since World War II . . . and [are] at the root of all the problems he is talking about.”

“It is magical,” Krauthammer concluded, that this is Obama’s economy, and “he’s pretending he’s just stumbled upon it” while proposing the exact same strategy he proposed in his first term.

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