re: re: What the Pope Did and Didn’t Say

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

There is an official transcript available in Italian

Among some of the color in the official translated excerpts in English: There had been some joking among papal-visit-to-Rio on Twitter about the secret Jesuit codes that must be contained in the first Jesuit pope’s briefcase he insisted on carrying himself. The pope revealed all on the plane ride back: “There wasn’t the key to the atomic bomb! There is a razor, a breviary, my diary, a book to read — I brought one on St. Therese of Lisieux, to whom I am devoted. . . . I always take this bag when I travel. It’s normal. We should be normal!”

And about all the security concerns, he said: “With less security, I was able to stay with the people, to embrace them, greet them, without armoured cars . . . it is the security of trusting in people . . . yes, there’s always the danger of encountering a madman, but then there is always the Lord who protects us, isn’t there? It is also madness to separate a bishop from his people, and I prefer this madness.”

And perhaps the most consequential comment he made, at a time when we drown in rhetoric about a “war on women” Catholics and others are supposedly engaged in was about women. He stated clearly that “Mary was more important than the Apostles, bishops, and so women in the Church are also more important than bishops and priests.” Again, this is not news to anyone who believes in the Incarnation and Mary of Nazareth’s world-changing “yes” to God, but it’s not quite the conventional view of what the Church believes about women. But here it is. And, again, like the comments about mercy he made, this isn’t the Gospel According to Pope Francis, made up while riding an alItalia charter, this is what the Church believes. 


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