Re: The Gospel According to Francis

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Also on the plane back from Rio, Pope Francis talked about austerity, particularly the need for it inside the Vatican, among those who work for the Church. 

It’s a challenge to all Christians, because it is Christian. Radical surrender and all … 

Similar to his comments about the case of a monsignor in the news, though, the words and witness are processed in many different ways, by many different people. Including Italian fashion designers who say they have been inspired to simplify their couture, according to the International Herald Tribune

If you get beyond style to substance, you see there is much continuity between Francis and Benedict. In fact, the more you read of Cardinal Bergoglio, the more you see how often he would cite Pope Benedict as cardinal, as he does as pontiff! Included in a much heralded, and beautiful Aparecida document about the state of the Church and a vision for evangelization the Latin American bishops issued in 2007 under his leadership. 

There’s also the fact that, had Pope Benedict not resigned, the world would have never met Francis. So if you like this pope, recall he’s a great gift of his predeccesor, trusting that resignation was his call.  

If you’re interested in more about the continuity, I write about it for the Knights of Columbus here

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