Paul: Christie is ‘the King of Bacon’

by Andrew Johnson

Rand Paul delivered the latest blow in his recent tiff with possible 2016 foe Chris Christie. After Christie accused Paul’s state of Kentucky benefiting from “pork-barrel spending” more than New Jersey (since it receives more benefits from the federal government than it pays in taxes), Paul turned the tables and dubbed the governor “the king of bacon.”

On CNN this evening, Paul countered that the amount of federal funding Kentucky receives is in part due to Kentucky’s two military bases, a spending priority he assumed Christie would support. He argued that those who consider defense a top priority — as Paul said he believes it is, too — then its costs must be offset elsewhere in the federal budget, including a more “responsible” approach to Sandy relief, which Paul wanted to distribute on a year-by-year basis, offset by cuts in foreign aid. After his entree that “this is the king of bacon, talking about bacon,” Paul later resorted a number of times to his “gimme, gimme, gimme” description of Christie’s spending practices.

“For him to accuse me of pork-barrel spending, I’m probably the most fiscally conservative member of Congress,” Paul said.

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