‘Ready to Kiss and Make Up’: Paul Invites Christie Out for a Beer

by Andrew Johnson

The first skirmish of 2016 might be over: Rand Paul wants to cool things down in his spat with Chris Christie over a couple of cold ones.

“It’s gotten a little too personal, so we’re ready to kiss and make up,” Paul said on Fox News this afternoon.

Despite their disagreements on foreign policy and national security, Paul assured Neil Cavuto that he would still support Christie if he were the presidential nominee in 2016, because he “will support whoever the Republican nominee is.”

But would he join the New Jersey governor’s ticket as a veep? “We’re going to have to patch things up,” Paul chuckled, expressing some optimism on the grounds that Christie has been said to have some libertarian leanings. 

He invited Christie out to the pub around the corner from the Senate to “have a beer and mend things.”

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