Putting Out the Fire

by Mark Steyn

Re Michael Shulan, the “creative director” of the 9/11 Museum who thinks that picture of firemen raising the flag is too “rah-rah America,” The New York Post’s Andrea Peyser asked Billy Eisengrein (third fireman on the right) to respond:

If it was up to me — and you can print this — if he thinks that picture is too rah-rah America, he should move someplace better in this world to live. I’ve had it with political correctness. It’s taking the country down.’

It’s remarkable that not even the Flight 93 memorial and the 9/11 Museum could avoid falling into the hands of the usual empty poseur equivalists like Mr. Shulan. You don’t need to blow up the joint when it’s that hollowed out from within.

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