The IRS Is Still Harassing Pro-Life Groups

by Katrina Trinko

Thought the IRS scandal was over? Think again:

Months after the inspector general’s report in May that revealed the IRS had specifically targeted tea-party groups applying for tax-exempt status as charitable organizations, the IRS continued to stall pro-life groups’ applications for tax-exempt status, according to the Thomas More Society (TMS). What President Obama condemned as one of various “phony scandals” isn’t nearly over yet.

“Even though the inspector general’s report claimed that the harassment of tea-party groups ended in 2012, the harassment of pro-life groups continues unabated,” says Peter Breen, Thomas More’s vice president and senior counsel.

To be clear, as President Obama is wont to say, we’re talking about one pro-life group that still hasn’t been approved for tax-exempt status. Read my full piece here

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