Issa Blasts Acting IRS Chief for Slow Pace, Will Subpoena Documents

by Andrew Johnson

With a stack of redacted documents so high he had to stand to address acting IRS commissioner Danny Werfel, House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa informed Werfel that he will issue a subpoena to the Treasury Department for requested documents because the agency hasn’t been forthcoming enough with information.

“You’ve frustrated this committee,” Issa said at a hearing this morning. “You’ve promised to do things and you’re not.”

Issa said he lamented that the investigation had reached this point because he’d believed Werfel would cooperate with Congress. But having only received about 3 percent of the documents, some having been heavily redacted, Issa said the agency “left [him] no choice” but to issue the subpoena.

“You’d better hope — you’d better really hope — that we don’t find something there that clearly should not have been redacted,” Issa asserted, “which we expect we will.”

He also said that he believes IRS’s chief counsel’s office has been “compromised” and cannot be part of decision-making process in what documents to provide the committee.

Yesterday, President Obama nominated John Koskinen to become the new IRS commissioner, replacing Werfel.

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