What Are the Rights of Donor-Conceived People?

by Maggie Gallagher

Alana Newman, herself donor-conceived, who runs the Anonymus Us story collective, asks a good question at Public Discourse.

I think she is on weaker ground when she argues that the horrible use of rape and violence to impregnate women for sex trafficking is akin to IVF. But she is right about this, for sure:

San Diego’s Theresa Erickson was a fertility industry darling, a surrogacy attorney, and a serial egg donor who crossed the line and was convicted of trafficking babies last year. Erickson went from being considered an angel helping others to a deviant human trafficker because of subtle legal distinctions that permit surrogacy if all the paperwork is completed and checks are signed before conception, but punish the same process as baby-selling if parenthood is officially transferred mid-gestation. But what is the difference for the child? 

And the latest news that pedophiles are now buying babies from mothers (whom they claim are “surrogates,” another word for “mother who has promised to sell her baby” in these cases), does raise new questions about what counts as human trafficking.

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