Sign the Petition: Try Hasan for Terror, Not Workplace Violence

by NRO Staff

Thirteen Americans lost their lives and dozens of other servicemen were wounded, and the Obama administration wants to claim the Fort Hood shooting rampage was workplace violence. Nidal Hasan will stand trial in military court this week as a member of our armed forces rather than an enemy combatant. Honor the victims of the Fort Hood attack by signing this petition today:

To: Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense, U.S. Department of Defense 

The Administration has designated the Ft. Hood massacre as workplace violence, and not what it was: an Act of Terror. By not designating this event as such an act, it disrespects the lives of the 13 who lost their lives that day, and dozens more who were injured and those helped their fellow soldiers. 

Furthermore, Nidal Hassan will not be tried as an enemy combatant, but instead will be court-martialed. 

Finally, without an Act of Terror designation, those wounded in defense of our nation will not receive a Purple Heart. 

This is outrageous and I call on you to change the official designation now before the trial for Nidal Hassan proceeds any further. 


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