Krauthammer’s Take: Embassy Closings ‘Fruits’ of ‘Nothing Happening to the Bad Guys’ in Benghazi

by NRO Staff

On Special Report this evening, Charles Krauthammer explained “a perennial problem that a superpower has is you want to be loved and respected,” and that the recent threat against American embassies in the Middle East indicates the Obama administration has opted for the latter.

“This is the fruits of being in Benghazi, having our ambassador attacked, and nothing happening to the bad guys,” he remarked. “There is no sense of anywhere in the world if you kill a U.S. ambassador, if you attack an embassy, you go against America’s interest, you ignore it, and you stick a finger in its eye that anything will happen to you.”

He detailed that this sort of conduct extends beyond the Benghazi attacks to include the administration’s relations with Russia throughout the Edward Snowden affair and its handling of Iran and Syria.

“This is the idea that America somehow by being nice will be treated well,” he said.

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