Andrea Mitchell Calls NBC’s Hillary Miniseries ‘Really Bad Idea’

by Andrew Johnson

Another NBC News reporter says she’s not a fan of the network’s upcoming miniseries about potential 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Andrea Mitchell, the network’s chief foreign correspondent, says it’s “a really bad idea.”

While discussing Reince Priebus’s decision to boycott NBC and CNN if they move forward with production of films about Clinton, Mitchell said the RNC chairman was “understandably miffed.”

“A lot of news people would say, including NBC News people — including Chuck Todd and all the rest of us — [it's] a really bad idea given the timing,” she said. Thursday morning on MSNBC, Mitchell’s colleague Chuck Todd said he thought the issue had been “a total nightmare” for NBC’s reporters, because so few people understand the firewall between NBC Entertainment, which will produce the Clinton content, and NBC News.

Former Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs also repeatedly labelled it a “bad idea.”

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