Steve King on 2016 Presidential Bid: ‘I Haven’t Ruled Anything In or Out’

by Katrina Trinko

Ames, Iowa — Representative Steve King (R., Iowa) says he’s “enjoying” his job, but refused to rule out a presidential bid in 2016.

King, whose upcoming visit to early primary state South Carolina ignited talk that he might be thinking about the presidency, tells National Review of 2016, “I haven’t ruled anything in or out. I’m enjoying my job.”

“I’ve watched here as any member of the house or senate that sets foot on Iowa soil … [it] starts a rumor that they’re running for president. And I’ve been coming back here to Iowa over and over again, and I can’t start a rumor,” King jokes, “So I’m going to South Carolina and see what happens.”

Asked if he was planning a presidential bid, King responds, “Truthfully, these people who are coming to Iowa from outside the state would probably say they aren’t planning a run.”

He did stress, however, that as part of the 2012 primary cycle, he and then-Senator Jim DeMint held events in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. “Keeping our conservative principles together in the early states is important,” King says. In addition to meeting with activists in South Carolina, he will also be speaking to a group of cadets at the Citadel. And over the years, King, who also worked for a couple of weeks on Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign, has gotten to know conservatives in the Palmetto State.

Asked if he had any plans to New Hampshire planned, King was coy, saying, “That’s probably not a question I should comment on at the present time.”

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