Weiner Gets Even Weirder at Dominican Pride Parade

by Sterling Beard

Anthony Weiner’s nosedive into self-parody continued this weekend at the Dominican pride parade in New York City on Sunday.

The disgraced former congressman and embattled New York City mayoral candidate strutted down Sixth Avenue yesterday wearing bright red pants and toting a megaphone and the flag of the Dominican Republic (in a few photos, he appears almost manic). At one point, he playfully grasped and bit into what the New York Daily News described as a “large plantain,” though I have to say that it looks like two plantains taped together to me.

You may not believe it (okay, that’s a lie; you will) but this isn’t the first time Weiner has behaved questionably at a pride parade for a Hispanic ethnicity. On August 4, Weiner encouraged crowds at the Ecuadorian-pride parade in Queens to chant “Carlos!” and “Carlos Danger!,” the pseudonym he used for his sexual liaisons with Sydney Leathers, the 23-year-old Indiana progressive who brought their affair to light (and who has now spurned him and backed Democrat Christine Quinn).

There are two options when dealing with a scandal that’s become too large to ignore: run from it or own it. Weiner’s clearly decided on the latter even though 80 percent of Gothamites rate him unfavorably and he pulls only 10 percent of voters in a recent New York Times/Siena College poll.

The New York Post hypothesizes that he’s being filmed for some sort of documentary by one of his ex-congressional district directors, Josh Kriegman, who currently works as an MTV filmmaker. Kriegman apparently doesn’t work for the mayoral campaign, but he has been seen filming his old boss, who he has mic’d up. At this point, it’s as plausible a theory as any. 

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