Don’t Write Off Wendy Davis for Governor

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Her candidacy would be a real challenge for Republicans.

Yes, I know that ultimately the legislation that made her the abortion industry’s new poster girl became law, and Texans are more conservative than Planned Parenthood would like, but the fact remains that Planned Parenthood is a political and cultural powerhouse.

How did Wendy Davis become the media darling, on The Today Show and in People, when what she was championing was late-term abortion, providing cover for infanticide in the wake of the Kermit Gosnell trial in Philadelphia? Bear in mind that the president of Planned Parenthood is Cecile Richards, daughter of the late former governor Ann Richards.

Anyone committed to building a culture of life, anyone outraged by unborn children capable of feeling pain going unprotected because of abortion politics, had better be motivated to shine a light on what we’ve been really debating here, and what Planned Parenthood’s priorities are. This isn’t about freedom and health, but enslaving women, children, men, our culture and our politics to the misery of abortion — and here in the most brutal and hard-to-miss ways. 

That’s, of course, not the way the story is slated to run. Which is why, on every level, anyone who sees the lives in this story had better be prepared to help people see compassionate alternatives to the painful situations women face today: not knowing where to find support and true self-sacrificial love, not knowing that they are capable of it themselves. 

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