Poll: Majority of Swing District Voters Want Obamacare Defunded

by Katrina Trinko

A majority of voters in ten congressional swing districts across the country would like to see Obamacare defunded, according to a poll released today by Heritage Action.

The poll, which surveyed voters in six Republican and four Democrat congressional districts, found that 57 percent of voters supported defunding Obamacare, while 34 percent opposed it. 

Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham stressed the organization wasn’t advocating a government shutdown. “We’re advocating that Congress should fund the government, just not fund Obamacare,” he told reporters in a conference call this morning. “The only person out there who’s threatening shutdown is President Obama.”

According to the poll, if the defunding efforts resulted in a government shutdown, 36 percent of independent voters would blame right-leaning groups, while 30 percent would blame left-leaning groups. Twenty-six percent would fault both groups. 

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