Benefit Concert for Thomas Peters Tonight in D.C.

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

I’ve been blessed to be around some good young people who have taken on leadership roles in rebuilding the culture with both zeal and humility. Among them is Thomas Peters, who works at the National Organization for Marriage.

Some weeks back now, someone walked into my office asking if I knew him, announcing that “he’s really good!” She had heard him on NPR, making the case for marriage — which, let’s face it, is not the most friendly turf for that, and at a time when it would be a whole lot easier to stand down, as the conventional view driving the issue is one of “tolerance” and “equality,” when we don’t even have a common view of what any of that actually means.

And then we were praying for him. He had a terrible, life-threatening summer-break accident diving. He’s recovering — scheduled for the second half of a surgery today — and has brought together a community of people praying for him and his wife (they were married in May).

Tonight, the Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C. (which I’m on the board of), is hosting a benefit concert to help with the costs of his medical care, staring a young musician, Luke Spehar. If you’re in D.C. tonight, you might consider dropping by. Particularly if you’ve read something he’s written (including on NRO), heard him on the radio, or are simply grateful there are young people who are willing to say unfashionable things on the most contentious and fundamental of issues, with love.

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