Egypt’s Unraveling and the Coming Chaos

by Erick Stakelbeck

There is no way to sugarcoat it: Egypt stands on the brink of a bloody, nasty civil war, and, at the very least, sustained civil unrest and sectarian violence. The current confrontation between the Egyptian military and radical Islamists — led by the Muslim Brotherhood — will not end well and the MB and its allies will not go quietly. The Brothers — the original modern Islamic terror group and the ideological source of both al-Qaeda and Hamas — are in no mood to negotiate or compromise. Think about it: After decades of patience, stealth, and gradualism, of surviving countless setbacks and government crackdowns, the Brotherhood finally seized the presidency of Egypt. And then, after just one year, power was suddenly and violently wrenched away from Mohamed Morsi. Prior to Morsi’s ouster, the Brothers in Egypt felt that the wind was at their backs and that their dreams of transforming Egypt into a totalitarian Islamic state, instigating a conflict with the hated Zionist entity, and leading a revived Islamic caliphate were finally within their grasp. Then, seemingly overnight, their plans went up in flames and their leaders were thrown in prison. No way the Brotherhood — a group whose founding motto reads, in part: “Jihad is our way, dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope” — could take that turn of events lying down. There is no turning back now: Participating in “democracy” is a non-starter. When it comes to democracy in Egypt, the Brothers have been there, done that, and it ended disastrously for their movement after Morsi revealed his true Islamist, dictatorial hand way too soon.

As the Brotherhood and its allies continue to battle the Egyptian military in the streets, burn Christian churches to the ground at an alarming rate, and refuse to settle for anything less than Morsi’s return to power, it seems that the MB may very well be poised to drop its “moderate” mask once and for all and adopt the full-on jihad route (at least, in Egypt). In engaging the military and Egyptian Christians in all-out war, the Brothers would fulfill the violent vision of Sayyid Qutb, arguably the Brotherhood’s most influential all-time ideologue and a vocal proponent of perpetual jihad against the infidel. Likewise, as I document in my book, The Brotherhood: America’s Next Great Enemy, MB founder Hassan al-Banna frequently extolled the virtues of armed jihad and collaborated with the Nazis during World War II to extend Hitler’s Final Solution to the Jews of the Middle East and North Africa. He followed by sending Brotherhood battalions to assist in the invasion of the reborn state of Israel in 1948 and engineering the assassination of Egyptian political leaders before being assassinated himself in 1949. In short, the Muslim Brotherhood has been steeped in violence and bloodshed from its very inception. What we are seeing now in Egypt is the predictable culmination of 85 years of violent, revolutionary MB ideology. If the MB and its jihadist cohorts decide to target the strategically vital Suez Canal and the oil that passes through it each day, or use the Sinai Peninsula to instigate some sort of conflict with Israel (something they are hard at work doing already), people all over the world, including America, will feel the effects every time they step up to the gas pump, as oil and gas prices will skyrocket.

The Muslim Brotherhood is about to help tear the most populous and influential Arab nation apart. And the Obama administration, which has supported this inherently anti-American, anti-Semitic death cult at every turn over the past four years, is paralyzed as to what to do next. The infamous Cairo speech of 2009 (which, tellingly, was attended by MB members at the administration’s request) is now little more than a punchline.

— Erick Stakelbeck is author of the new book The Brotherhood: America’s Next Great Enemy.

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