Krauthammer’s Take: Obama Didn’t Want to Hamper Egyptian Military

by NRO Staff

President Obama made the right calls in his speech on Egypt today, Dr. Charles Krauthammer said.

Appearing on Special Report, Krauthammer praised President Obama’s attempt to “thread the needle” with regards the Egyptian military’s crackdown on supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.

“Here, you don’t want to show support for a crackdown of [the supporters]. So I think he said the right words in deploring the violence, calling for inclusiveness in all this. But [Obama] knows it’s not going to have any effect,” Krauthammer said, arguing that Obama didn’t want to hamper the Egyptian military.

“This is now a showdown between the military and the [Muslim] Brotherhood, the two strongest institutions in the country, over who’s going to govern. There is not a middle way, we’re going to have to live with one or the other, and I think he didn’t want to put the thumb on the scale which would hamper the government,” Krauthammer said, warning that Muslim Brotherhood rule would be catastrophic for the country and its minority groups, as well as the United States.  

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