Lowry: Hillary Playing to Left by Attacking Voter-ID Laws

by Katrina Trinko

Rich Lowry called out Hillary Clinton for demagoguing about voter-ID laws in a speech last week.

“She wants to shore up the Left, I think, as soon as possible,” Lowry said on Meet the Press this morning. “So she didn’t, as you might expect from a former secretary of state, give a speech about Egypt when it’s descending into the abyss.”

Instead, she talked about “voter laws. and these voter-ID laws,” that exist in about 30 different states.

“They’re popular across the board,” Lowry added. “A Washington Post poll not too long ago said more than 60 percent of Blacks and Latinos support these laws. They’ve been upheld by the Supreme Sourt 6-3 by a very liberal justice. So, I think the case against them is extremely weak and inherently demagogic.”

He acknowledged, however, that shoring up support on the left is critical for Clinton. “She will be a formidable front-runner if she runs,” he remarked, but “one of the big downsides of her is that as a politician, she’s not really a natural. So she’ll be vulnerable again to someone potentially creating a prairie fire on the left.”

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