Peter King: ‘I Fully Disagree With What Rand Paul Said’

by Katrina Trinko

The battle between the national-security hawks and the libertarians continued this morning, with Representative Peter King (R., N.Y.) attacking Senator Rand Paul.

“I totally disagree with that and I fully disagree with what Senator Rand Paul said,” King told Fox News Sunday. “That was just a grab bag of misinformation and distortion coming from him.”

“Whatever mistakes were made were inadvertent, and if you have a 99.99 percent batting average, that’s better than most media people do, most politicians do,” King said in defense of the NSA.

“I have tremendous respect for General [Keith] Alexander and the NSA,” he added. “This whole tone of snooping and spying that we use, I think it’s horrible. It’s really a distortion and a smear and a slander of good, patriotic Americans.”

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