Scott Brown Flirts With Presidential Bid

by Katrina Trinko

Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown visited the Iowa State Fair today, a top spot for would-be presidential contenders. From the Des Moines Register:

[Brown is] now on the buzz list for several possible political offices –  the Senate again, the Massachusetts governor’s office and, as of this weekend, the White House. He told The Des Moines Register on Saturday that he’s scoping out whether Iowa would be favorable to his brand of Republicanism – fiscally conservative, open minded on social issues, dedicated to bipartisan problem-solving.

And then here’s a situation that I bet hasn’t happened to many possible GOP presidential candidates: Scott Brown received a call from Secretary of State John Kerry during his time at the fair. 

Brown walked in through Gate 2 and his cellphone rang. To his wife, he mouthed: “It’s John Kerry.”

“Say hello for me and hello to Teresa,” Huff told him.

After a few minutes, Brown told Kerry, who left his Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat to become U.S. secretary of state in February: “Alright, man, I miss you, as well. You’re a good man. Alright, thanks.”

I’ve seen some chatter that Brown could be the Jon Huntsman of 2016, but that doesn’t seem fair to Huntsman, who ran as a pro-lifer. 

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